The "Duo Smart Heater" from Lucht LHZ

an innovative electric storage heater with compact dimensions, variable charging options and smart control

The “Duo Smart Heater” from Lucht LHZ is a new type of electric storage heater that combines the advantages of traditional static heat storage systems with the opportunities of the latest technological developments.

Compact dimensions, variable charging options and smart control result in a trend-setting concept that is optimal for using future variable electricity tariffs or locally generated renewable energy.
Commercial launch of a variable and compact electric storage heater

The features at a glance

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Duo Smart Heater 17+

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The "Duo Smart Heater" in detail

Novel electric storage heater with compact dimensions

Combining the advantages of traditional static heat storage systems with the opportunities of the latest technological developments make the “Duo Smart Heater” an innovative and particularly smart storage heater. Due to its compact dimensions it can be integrated into any room easily. It has a sufficiently large storage volume to be able to store enough heat to bridge the charge-free times This makes it the perfect electric storage heater for areas with long charging times and ideal for operation with your own photovoltaic system.

Variable charging to use variable electricity tariffs

Smart and digital electricity meters will change the electricity tariff structure significantly in the future. Instead of fixed and rigid tariffs, which offer discounted electricity depending on the time of the day, the Smart Grid (the intelligent power grid) focuses on variable, daytime-independent price scales. A smart grid is characterized by the fact that information is exchanged within the network. This enables a dynamic controlling of power generation, consumption and storage. Depending on the network load, the electricity provider will make the electricity more expensive during periods of high usage, and in turn, discount it during low phases. Large household appliances that do not constantly need electricity to fulfill their function should then be able to adapt accordingly and carry out their function or carry out the energy supply in the low phases. Modern washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and many other household appliances are already partially equipped with the technology today in order to be able to benefit from these changes in the future. The Duo Smart Heater is also ideally suited for this. The heat storage device does not care when electricity is supplied, it only has to be recharged at some point during the day to be able to give off heat. Instead of charging itself like the traditional night storage heaters only during a certain, predetermined (night) time, the Duo Smart Heater should use the low-use phases in the power grid and the associated price reductions. This helps the network operator to better harmonize its workloads, but above all the end user to significantly reduce his energy costs.

Variable charging for the use of locally generated regenerative energy

The local use of renewable energy is picking up speed. Many homeowners install photovoltaic systems on their roofs or place private wind turbines on their plots in order to generate electricity for their own supply. Electricity generation is always weather-dependent and therefore cannot guarantee a constant supply of energy. Similar to the variable electricity tariffs of the energy suppliers, it therefore makes sense to have internal users who variably consume the electricity generated. The Duo Smart Heater is ideal for this due to its variable loadability. In the best case, this solution allows to heat your home with zero emissions.

Smart control with intelligent charge management and heat demand regulation

The new digital control of the Duo Smart Heater is particularly innovative. With its own sensors, it measures both the room temperature and the core temperature of the retention tablets. These measurements are compared internally and a corresponding reaction is triggered. If the core temperature is too high or approximately the desired room temperature has been reached, the heating elements are switched off. The intelligent control only charges as much energy as is required for the set temperature over the next few hours and days. The heating elements can be switched off either completely or individually. This means that a heater that is equipped with three 1 kW tubular heaters can not only heat with 3 kW, but also with 1 or 2 kW. As a result, the desired room temperature can be kept constant better and considerably less energy is used for this purpose than in conventional systems. Only the amount of energy that is necessary to achieve and maintain a comfortable room temperature is stored. These considerable energy savings compared to traditional electric storage heaters lead to a significant reduction in electricity costs.

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